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WebPRISM is designed for optimum flexibility and reliability

Open WebPRISM Architecture provides a plug-in based, highly flexible, easily modifiable product development platform. Supporting skill sets from beginner to advanced, you control every aspect of your site from the colors to the content. The platform even provides for developing a new site while still using your current site.

Content Block™ Library simplifies the customization of your site by offering a wide variety of “pre-compiled” blocks of functionality that can easily be dropped into your WebPRISM site to immediately add new functionality with almost no effort. With each WebPRISM release, CampusHub enhances the Content Block library to include new and exciting features.

Full Web Browser Compatibility means visitors will never be turned away from your site, regardless of the technology used to access it.

Complete Back Office Integration saves time and effort in the bookstore. Whether you use an NBC system or another provider’s, textbook and course data flow directly from the back office to your site. If your store uses an NBC system, our total integration provides the most powerful solution in the industry.

Intuitive Site Navigation makes shopping your online store enjoyable. The result of countless hours of focus groups and usability testing, WebPRISM’s textbook ordering process is simple and browsing general merchandise has never been easier. While exploring your site, visitors can locate any product at any time by using the fast and always accessible global search.

State-of-the-Art Hosting Environment

High Availability Systems ensure your Web site is ready when your customers are. Using multiple virtual servers, database redundancy, load balancing technology and 24/7 monitoring, CampusHub keeps your site available year-round, day and night. Should one server become unavailable, the system seamlessly reroutes and balances traffic among the large number of remaining systems, allowing your customers an uninterrupted and consistent shopping experience.

Stringent Security Standards keep you and your customers safe, guaranteed. Our hosting environment is located in a state-of-the-art secure facility, and we use the latest technology to provide layered security and strong encryption within our systems to protect sensitive information. CampusHub boasts an impressive track record with not a single known security breach since our inception.

Managed Domains and SSL Certificates means you will never have to worry about renewing that domain or SSL certificate ever again. With the help of industry leaders VeriSign® and Network Solutions®, your domains and certificates are monitored and managed by CampusHub staff.

Secure Data Transfers of orders to the associated back office system ensure the highest possible data security.

Total Compliance is offered in all our solutions. Our hosting center is no exception. We are proud to host our sites in a PCI-compliant, SAS 70-certified facility.

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